CARAS (Computer Architecture and Security) Lab

Welcome! CARAS is a research group at Tokyo Tech in the Department of Information and Communications Engineering. Our objective is to improve the security, energy-efficiency and dependability of next generation computing devices and systems. We conduct research in all aspects of computer systems, ranging from computer architecture, operating systems to compilers.

We are looking for new students to join our group! Please check the message on Hiroshi’s website and feel free to contact him with your CV if you are interested in doing cutting-edge research in computer architecture, computer security and computer systems in general at Tokyo Tech!


Sep 2021

Zhongfa, Fakhri, Jun, Yixin, Huanchao, Rui and Linfeng joined our group!

Jun 2021

Gento joined our group!

May 2021

RAPLET accepted to RTCSA 2021.

Apr 2021

Sakura and Yusuke joined our group!

Dec 2020

Mei and Taiga joined our group!

Sep 2020

Sheng joined our group!

April 2020

Hiroshi is serving on the CGO 2021 Program Committee.

April 2020

CARAS website is up!

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